About Us

Who we are?

While working in a leading USA based advertising agency, we felt a strong gap in the market when it comes to professional content development.

The internet is still booming, and online economy is highly-dependent on quality of the content. Yet, the demand of skilled content creators have always outnumbered the supply.

To meet the industry requirements, we started “training program in creative and business writing,” which was designed for corporate professionals. So far, we have trained more than 10,000 working professionals and MBA graduates with many success stories.

In 2018, we launched an in-house writing academy designed for everyone – students, freelancers, working professionals and entrepreneurs. In the digital era, writing forms a majority of business communication. Thus, to succeed in sphere of life, you must know how to write an email, a resume, a book or even your own story which can inspire millions.

Therefore, we have designed our course in a way that can help everyone. Teaching students and professionals not only gives us a sense of purpose, but help me utilize our wealth of knowledge of the corporate domain & culture to propel an entire industry forward.