Content Writing Course Review

Best Content Writing Course in India

In the past few years, content writing courses and institutes have popped up across various cities in India. Even those who can’t write themselves are also teaching content writing. In such scenario, how will you find the best content writing courses in India?

Best content writing courses in India

Best Content Writing Course in India

So, how should you compare various content writing courses? Which parameters should you take? Should you go on the reviews written on the Internet?

Let me tell you one thing, every institute claims to be the best content writing training institute. You will find fantastic reviews about almost every institute. Why? Because it is very easy to post fake reviews. Anyone can post hundreds of fake reviews on Google, Quora, etc. and can claim to be the best in the industry.

Never believe the online reviews or testimonial about any course. Most of them are fake and written the the training institutes themselves. They also create fake profiles of people and use it post fake reviews.

Now, if not reviews, then what else can be considered to find out the best one.

Here are some of the parameters, you should consider to evaluate various content writing courses in India.

  • Trainer’s Profile
  • Institute’s Recognition
  • Feedback Process
  • Course Content
  • Course Structure

Did you notice that I have not included “100% placement?”

Yes right. 100% placement is a farce. No one is capable enough to guarantee a job to anyone. Companies offer a job because of your capability. If you are not capable, then either you won’t be hired or you will soon get fired.

Now, based on the training above-mentioned criteria, let’s rank top 5 content writing courses in India.

#1 – ECT – Education & Career Times

ECT offers the best content writing course in India because of the following reasons:

Trainer’s Profile

Saket Kumar Singh is the trainer at ECT. He is also the founder and CEO of SixPL, a top digital marketing agency in India. Prior SixPL, he worked in Asia’s top bank’s digital marketing department. He has also served as a Marketing Head in a leading HR Consulting firm in India.

He holds an MBA in Marketing from a premier institute in India, FORE School of Management and a B.Tech. in Electronics and Communication Engineering.

In terms writing credentials, he has been the top freelance writer in India. He also has several CEOs in the client list. In fact he has worked as a ghostwriter for CEOs of some 19 Fortune 500 companies in the world.

Check his detailed profile on LinkedIn.

Institute’s Recognition

ECT is recognized by the Government of India. This gives an edge to all the training participants who earn the certification from ECT. In a commercial market, where certificates are sold and bought at a wholesale rate, ECT has carved a new niche for itself.

We spoke to around 20 employers in advertising space. All of them confirmed one thing: they don’t pay much attention to the certificate a candidate has.

One of the HR managers said the following

In today’s era, you can easily buy a certificate in $10. Simply, attend a course on education marketplaces like Udemy and Coursera and you will immediately get a certificate. Therefore, certifications by private institutions hold no value.

I ask him what if the candidate has a certification from a Government Approved Institution?

His reply was

Certification from Government recognized institutes carry more credibility as the institutions follow a stringent norms to certify an individual.

Enter education industry, and you will find every Tom, Dick, and Harry offering certification courses.

ECT’s recognition by the Government of India gives this course an edge. If you ever think of doing a course, do it only from a government recognized institute. Else, watch Youtube videos and learn cool things without paying a single penny.

ECT Content Writing Course Module

What makes ECT the best Content Writing Course in India is its course module. The course covers all aspects of content writing. The course has 13 modules which is the highest among all courses. Whether you want to learn creative writing, academic writing, technical writing, or business writing, ECT has got them covered.

The course has special module named “Monetize Your Writing Skills.” This modules teaches you on how to get high-paying clients by offering quality content writing services as a freelancer. It also helps you get high value content writing projects from foreign markets like USA, UK, Canada, Australia, etc.

The concept of Live Project as mandatory part of the course module acts as icing on the cake. After completing all the live projects, you feel an accomplished professional in the field of content writing.

Course Fee – INR 15,000

Course Duration – 3 Months

Find more about ECT Content Writing Course here:

#2 British Council

Do you want to write stories? Are you a scribbler, a would-be journalists or a secret diarist? Do you want to share your travel experiences creatively?

Well, if you want to learn creative writing, then consider joining Creative Writing Course by British Council.

British Council’s creative writing course covers fiction, short stories, poetry and dialogue. You can also learn to write travel writing, news reports, etc.

However, the course doesn’t cover business writing, academic writing, or technical writing.

Comparing with ECT Content Writing Course, that offers almost all styles of content writing, British Council Creative Writing Course lags behind in this aspect.

Course Fee – 11,800 (28 Hours)

Class Size – 20

You can find more information about the course here:

#3 IGNOU’s Diploma in Creative Writing in English

IGNOU offers Diploma in Creative Writing in English for beginners. It is ranked 3rd best content writing course in India because of IGNOU’s brand name and rigorous course curriculum.

This is a basic level course. The course duration is one year which is a major disadvantage for aspiring writers who are willing to kickstart their career in freelance writing quickly.

The course covers modules including Novella, Features, Articles, Short stories, Poems, etc.

Also, IGNOU primarily focusses on traditional writing style which may not be suitable for digital world. However, if you are a hobby blogger, you can go for this course.

This course is much better as compared to hundreds of other courses offered by private coaching institute.

Course Fee – INR 4000

Course Duration – 1 Year

You can find more details about the course here:

#4 Information Developers Foundation

Content Writing Course from Information Developers ranked 4th best content writing course in India. Although a new institute, Information Developer Foundation tend to cover many modules of content writing.

The course modules of InfoDev (as Information Developers calls itself) are as follows:

Agile Documentation
Technical Writing..
API Writing…
Influencer Marketing…
Email Marketing…
Content Strategy..
Content Writing…
Content Marketing…

The content writing course’s focus seems to be technical writing.

Course fee – 37,500

Course Duration – NA (On their website, InfoDev mentions that they will teach until you succeed. This is a major disadvantage of the course as it doesn’t offer a structured curriculum that students can complete within a stipulated time frame.

#5 Henry Harvin

Henry Harvin Education is at the 5th position in the list of top content writing courses in India. It offers 32 hours of classroom training and some prerecorded videos to its stidents.

The course covers all major modules. However, the institute handovers the certificate of completion to everyone. Therefore, the certificate doesn’t hold the value in the industry.

Course Fee – INR 9,500

Course Duration – 1 month

Final Thoughts

If you are serious about building a career in content writing, go for ECT Content Writing Course. Undoubtedly, ECT Content Writing Course is the best content writing course in India based on the trainer’s profile, course module, course structure, government recognition, etc. Rest of the courses seems far behind in the game.

If you think that your institute’s name should also be there in the list, send your details on and I will evaluate the course and write a separate review.


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